Weekend wellness retreat in AlUla


March 4th till March 6th, 2021.


AlUla is described as a mirror of the ancient world's civilizations in the Arabian Peninsula, due to its ancient treasures dating back to the old eras.

AlUla has the highest record in the archaeological world as it included 111 archaeological tombs, accommodating 94 carved graves, in addition to 5,000 inscriptions carved on the rocks at Ikmah Mountain.

The intention of this retreat is to help you find and become your true self.

In this retreat, we are collaborating with Shamal Adventures to explore the wonders and beauty of AlUla.

We hope to disconnect you from your busy life to find yourself in the practice of yoga, self-reflection, and self-awareness, so that you can go back to your life with a clearer mind to best serve you and those around you.

What's Included:

  • Transportation.

  • 2 nights of camping accommodation.

  • Morning yoga sessions (suitable for all levels).

  • Yoga Blocks and Straps.

  • Daily meditation practices.

  • Group Life Coaching sessions.

  • Meals, drinks, and snacks.

  • Exploring the beauty and historical sites of AlUla.


What's Not Included:

  • Flight ticket

  • Sleeping bag

  • Yoga Mat



Booking Flights:

To arrive and depart at the same time as the group, please book the recommended flights.

  • Arrival flight on the 4th Saudia SV1577 at 18:25

  • Departure flight on the 6th Saudia SV1573 at 21:25 OR Saudia SV1631 at 17:55




  • Single tent (1.10 x 1.50 x 2.50 m) for each person

  • Temperature will be 8°C lowerst and 23°C highest

Full Itinerary:

  • Day One

9PM       Dinner

9:30PM  Opening Circle

  • Day Two

8AM        Yoga & Meditation

10AM       Breakfast

11AM        Valley Hike

12PM       Group Coaching​ session

2PM        Lunch

4PM        Harrat Uwairedh

5PM        Elephant Rock and Vessel Rock

6PM        Drum Circle

8PM        Dinner

9PM        Reflection Circle

  • Day Three

7AM        Yoga​ & Sound Meditation

9:15AM    Breakfast

10AM       Group Coaching session

11:30AM    Closing Circle

1PM          Hegra Tour

3:30PM    Hand Rock

4PM         Lunch

Self Investment:

​3620sr per person

Your Hosts:

Ghalia Khaldi

Ghalia is the founder of Sakura Retreat.

She is a Yoga and Pilates Instructor by day and a unicorn by night.

Being passionate about understanding the connection between body, mind, and spirit, Ghalia is on a continuous journey to learn and teach ways of living that promotes a holistic life.

Her vision for every Sakura retreat is to have all participants leave with growth that will heal, change and empower them to be and exist as the best version of themselves.



Fahad Fatani

Fahad is a certified Social Psychologist and Transformational Life Couch. He is dedicated to helping people level up mentally and emotionally, as well as find their purpose and reach their full potential. 
Fahad spent a decade climbing to the top of the corporate ladder in the advertising and marketing fields. However, it is the personal battle he overcame against depression, anxiety, anger and major lack of self-esteem that inspired him to change his life path to helping others overcome what he has.



Shamal Adventures

Shamal Adventures is a licensed adventure company that specializes in organizing outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia.

They aspire to connect people with nature by organizing vibrant, inspiring and fun adventures.

They strive to become the main gate to an unforgettable experience in Saudi Arabia.



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